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Does Oklahoma Require Vehicle Inspections or Emissions Tests?

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The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety doesn’t mandate vehicle inspections or emissions tests. Safety inspections, however, are always a good idea when it comes to the safe operations of motor vehicles, as well as the longevity of your car. We provide complimentary inspections as part of most service packages and are always happy to help. Stop in today to learn more.

Vehicle Inspection Requirements

Currently, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) doesn’t require inspections of any type. Whether it is for vehicle registration or registration renewal, there are no mandatory state inspections, including smog tests, complete safety, and vehicle inspections. However, the state encourages eco-friendly driving and offers several financial incentives for driving green. Oklahoma residents are eligible for Alternative Fuel Tax Incentives and Federal Tax Incentives for Green Vehicles, the Natural Gas Rebate for CNG vehicles, and potential auto insurance discounts for owners with electric and hybrid vehicles.

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