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Used Cars: Is There a Best Time of Year to Shop?

used cars: when is the best time of year to buy?

Are you wondering if it’s better to purchase used cars at one time versus another? While the answer to this query is most definitely yes, it predominantly depends on your priorities. Perhaps you want the most savings. What about the best price? Maybe the best selection? Or looking for the best offer on your vehicle trade-in? Various times of the year, month, or week will generally bring their own opportunities. To help you to better understand the options, we will review the top five times to get a pre-owned car below.

Always Buy Before You Need To

Purchase your next car before you really need one. While this response might not be time-specific, it’s better to have more time on this decision instead of making this kind of purchase in a rush. It’s good practice to start investigating the options in order to make a wise decision instead of a desperate one. Another reason that it helps to make a decision prior to your car breaking down, is because it will receive a better offer for your trade-in because it’s not needing any repair.

Last Quarter of the Year

Why shop for a used car, truck, or SUV towards the end of the year? This time of year is recommended due to the number of holiday automotive sales events usually available. Let’s remember there’s a need to create space for their new year’s inventory.

Buy At the Start of the Week

Why get used cars and trucks at the beginning of the week? Well, when auto dealers aren’t overly busy, it is much easier for customers to get the car they’re hoping for. As compared to Fridays and Saturdays, Mondays are often by far the least crowded. This circumstance means significantly more attention from sales and financing specialists.

Holiday & Seasonal Sales Events

Holiday sales events are on average a great time to get a car or truck. While these national sales offer great discounts on new automobiles, many auto dealers also create local promotions or discounted pricing on their certified pre-owned inventory, too. Overall, New Year’s ranks amidst the best recurring sales for shoppers interested in some significant deals. Towards the middle of the year, shoppers should expect to enjoy more savings during Memorial Day and Independence Day. Finally, there are a series of seasonal sales events starting in early October with Labor Day then ending in December with End of Year sales to bring the year to a conclusion.

End of the Month

What’s the advantage of buying a used car or truck during the last week of the month? Well, as most car dealers work on a month-to-month system, it is likely possible that some vehicles may be required to be cleared in order to make places for incoming models. This may increase your chance of getting the right car at the right price.

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It’s Always the Right Time to Shop at Bob Howard Toyota

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